Macro-Project Creation

Trade Commerce LTD has the ability to perform complex computer systems regarding corporative structures that include CRM, advanced document management, customised back office with administrative management in level access. In addition, customised software focused on production management, machinery and energy control, the control and management of human resources, everything is accomplished in a secure environment that includes cloud computing as a strategy for delocalised management in each department. This might be very useful for companies that export abroad and have branches or delegations, or an export department in the countries of destination. Our great versatility allows us to adapt to any type of computing project, including cloud computing architecture and a customised software for specific tasks, such as automation of machines and quality control in large-scale productions, as well as the control of manufacturing robots in any industrial segment.

What makes us different is our capacity for creating complex digital structures, accomplishing the formation in the management of the applications in different areas, as well as in the central administration system.

Contact us and you will find yourself surprised by our ability to take on any computing project challenge.

Scripts and Modules

Our staff of developers are specialised in the development of scripts for all kinds of functions. If we take into account flexible scripts, we offer you a wide range of possibilities such as Python, which is closely related to PEARL. Python is an object-oriented programming language. It is an open-source language programming.

A script can increase software performance; this means that if the clients’ software has become obsolete, in many cases, it can be solved by adding a script with specific functions. Alternatively, based on a generic software, we can add scripts in order to customise the running or set of the software.

Behind WordPress platform there is a large community of software developers who creates scripts to add functionality to WordPress; this makes WordPress a platform of infinite possibilities.

Our developers can create customised scripts, not only for platforms like WordPress, but for any kind of computer structure with Python, PHP, and other languages.

Do you have a project? Contact us and we will offer you the best alternative to achieve your goals in the shortest time and with the best results. You will be surprised at what we can do.

Customised Software

We offer customised services for any kind of software.

We create a cloud computing structure and train your staff in how to work with it. Our products offer the greatest guarantee in security and stability. We create friendly environments, with personalised interfaces and appropriate level according to its structure and the corporative organization chart.


Example of some possible applications:

Management Software

Post-production analytical software

Object-oriented Software

Robotic Automation Software

Automotive and Aerospace Software

Cryptographic Software

Sales, Marketing plan, and Social Media Software


We also develop hundreds of other possible applications, you only have to explain your needs and our technical team will make an appropriate proposal. You can request a conference with our developer staff and make inquiries about your requirements. We can perform a digital audit to detect your business needs, and implement a system that reduces costs and increases productivity according to your business.

Do not hesitate to contact us.