Market Research

Market research consists of a business initiative whose purpose is to collect information about whether an economic activity will be viable commercially speaking.
Trace Commerce LTD studies consumers’ demands in order to find out their consumption needs and shopping habits (shops, time, preferences, etc.), and how to satisfy them.
The ultimate goal is to provide data, which will allow your company to improve market techniques for the sale of its products, and it will cover the unmet needs of consumers.
We help your company to devise the most effective strategy in order to minimise the risks and maximise the chances of a successful marketing campaign, based on the objectives, resources, market research of your own company and the competitors.

Three basic principles in Trade Commerce LTD:

1) Cost Leadership: based on reducing the costs to the minimum in order to offer a product at the lowest price. This occurs with standardised products such as plastic containers or bags.

2) Differentiation: the creation of a distinctive element in the product, which will be perceived and appreciated by consumers, and therefore, they will be willing to pay a higher price. These products will generate a value added from the product or service.

3) Mixed strategy: it must meet three characteristics “price, quality and a remarkable range of products”. For example, many products known as low-cost are based on this strategy.

Trade Commerce LTD applied state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to traditional concept of market research.

Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing represents a dramatic change that benefits the purchase of goods and services regardless advertising, marketing campaigns and messages. In it, clients can make their own decisions, relying on trusted networks to form opinions such as friends, family members. This means that marketing roles have changed; in the past managers and their agencies did marketing, nowadays Digital Marketing can be done by anyone. In this way, advertising and traditional marketing are based on key messages and support points, whereas Digital Marketing is based on the content, which is used as a fuel for conversations and buying decisions so that customers can draw their own conclusions. Digital Marketing can use traditional means -online or offline-; however, they are not used for talking about the content, the brand or product positioning. These changes have crucial implications about the way in which marketing is created. Trade Commerce LTD adapts traditional Marketing concepts for the application of new technologies and communication systems.


Strategic Positioning

Positioning, in marketing, is a commercial strategy that aims to place a product on a distinctive place, concerning competitors, and on consumers’ mind. Here, the concept of “product” is understood in broad terms: it can be either a physical or an intangible element, a company, place, political association, religious belief or person. In this way, what happens in the market in relation to the product is a direct consequence of the individual subjectivity in the process of knowing, considering and using an offer. Hence, market positioning today is closely linked with the guiding concept of value proposition, which considers the comprehensible design for the offering in order to make a much longer sustainable demand. The main objective for Trace Commerce LTD is to achieve  positive feelings related to your product that provokes a favourable behaviour to accept what has been proposed (purchase, vote, etc.).

Our research and statistical techniques such as multidimensional scaling, factor analysis, joint analysis and logical analysis aim to position your product using the most advanced technologies.