In this digital age, marketing has acquired new dimensions and specialisations in the client’s view that requires special attention. Marketing has evolved into a more precise customer’s objectives, IT has adapted to suit these needs with specialised software in quality management, customer knowledge and integral management of productive and commercial mechanisms of a company, and all this and more is found in ERP & CRM software that constitute an essential piece in computing management in companies.

Neither the difference between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), nor the necessary connection, which integrate both software in a same platform, are understood. Certainly, this integration is not essential but when choosing a CRM program; the integration with ERP platform is more profitable in long-term.

ERP focuses on the optimization of internal management processes in order to exploit the resources and reduce productivity costs. This provide different applications to automate various workflows; Sales and Distribution; Billing; Bank management; Payroll and HR; Production and Purchases; Documentary Management; Aftersales; Projects; e-Commerce and more. All these systems work in an integrated manner, but they are offer in different modules so that companies can incorporate them according to their needs and capabilities, as well as a customised configuration according to their approach and use.

CRM has as objective, among others, to increase measurable sales by an efficient management toward the client, which covers all the parameters, commercial sales metrics, marketing, and post-sale attention as well. This not only focuses on the already existing operations, but also on projecting new opportunities and future sales in our potential customer niche that still are not part of the ERP program.

Even though ERP and CRM are two important tools, frequently we found some companies that invest their resources to be more efficient at internal level, paying attention to accounting and billing but they have forgotten about the customer.

Advanced Digital Security

Trade Commerce LTD offers updated security. The first step is to examine the company’s data security systems. This revision includes hacking techniques tests and virus infiltration, followed by a thoroughly analysis in order to determine system failures, including the company’s intranet, cloud systems and websites. Finally, we offer an improvement plan and a plan of action.

Security in computer systems is an issue that needs to be addressed by real professionals and deserves special attention. The lack of security causes companies to lose more than 100.000 million worldwide annually. Protecting your company will save your business from unnecessary problems.

Digital Fingerprint Systems and Semantic Security

Trade Commerce LTD offers you the most advanced cybersecurity for restricted access areas. We have different cyber defence: fingerprint recognition; semantic security; visual and facial encrypted recognition systems; voice security, etc.