Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

EDMS is a document management system for organising and storing different kind of documents in a single platform. EDMS’ objective is to allow companies to organise all their documents from its beginning until its destruction or final storage.

Typically, the documents are considered as pending tasks by the different document management such as locating, indexing, distributing, reviewing, approving, publishing, closing and filing.

The documents that enter into the file are considered as “record” and are stored as long-term format (e.g. PDF/A), which allows applying the retention and final storage policies. These policies depend on the archival and record management legislation of each country, which dictates when these record documents must be available or may be destroyed.

Nowadays, the EDMS must be able to manage documents efficiently in physical and electronic formats, facilitating their digitalization, search and automatic capture, regardless of their origin or actual location. What’s more, they constitute the indispensable tools for implementing a “No Paper policy”

Business Management Processes (BMP)

Business Process Management or BMP is an operational management area that aims to improve business performance by optimising the company’s business processes. BMP is in the process of continuous optimisation of business, similarly to other policies of continuous improvement (such as TQM- Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, EFQM model, etc.).

BPM life-cycle:

Designing: using techniques and languages such as BMPN.

Modelling and documentation of processes.

Simulation processes: (this means the work that is done in advanced in order to assure the execution of the process).

Execution (a friendly interface and multiple and collaborative access to the system is required)

Monitoring workflow execution, including key parameters measurement.

Optimisation of the processes through adjustment and modification of the parameters used during the processing processes.

Business Process Reengineering.

BPMN systems offer very impressive results in any organization because they find internal bottlenecks and solve them quickly by making the necessary adjustments. However, they consider documents as internal variable of the processes, so they lack a structure to organize the documents that they incorporate or generate through forms. Even though it is very frequent the way in which BMP manages to automate a complex process, it is unable to provide a view of those documents and metadata generated through the process. Hence, many BPM systems are integrated with other ECM- type systems for exchanging files.

EDMs and BPMs Integration

Once the situation has been analysed, we draw the conclusion that a combination between EDM and BPM will provide optimal results for the organisations that need to systematise their processes applying an appropriate document management policy.

The benefits are:

Simulation and modelling of business processes.

Measurement and optimisation of the processes.

The application of professional document management in all the associated services.

Of course that there will be challenges that any organisation should take into account such as how to use two platforms that can work on their own and the licensing agreement that is involved.

We recommend that business processes, which are closely linked to the management of correspondence or file archive, are carried out through EDM interface, while those processes involving complex procedures such as collaborative work among the employees, result multiplicity, approval or supervision, critical times, etc. are made through BPM interface. However, any user must have an EDMS access to consult those files that have been formed directly in the document management or indirectly through the BPM systems.

The procedures managed through BMP can last days, weeks and even months, hiring or sale processes for instance, it is necessary for EDM to have workflow mechanism perfectly integrated with the “stages of the process” in order to determine the corresponding business processes.  A contract pending of approval by the Steering Committee is not the same as a process that is about to conclude pending policies revision.

Consequently, it is required an integration between the flows managed by BPM and the status of the files that are being completed in EDM from documents generated in BPM or filed in EDM.

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