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A group of visionary businesspersons, whose ambition is the development of digital environments for business management, forms Trade Commerce LTD. Our corporate body has a clear quality standard, its objective is to offer real solutions that anticipate the growth needs in each company and we have the ability to run any project.

Trade Commerce LTD has a staff of computer engineers, software developers, multidisciplinary programmers, graphic designers and analysts, industrial engineers, robotic, pneumatic and mechanic technicians as well. They are able to achieve any challenge regarding computerisation and mechanisation of productive processes in any kind of industry.

We have the most experienced professionals in different areas to satisfy all the necessities within the digital field. Our team works in synergy with our clients’ developmental structures of the organizational system, building a system of communication with the heads of each department.

A direct connection to the client is very important in order to develop the digital organization chart to suit their needs, and at the same time, to coordinate adaptation and software training processes across departments.


Commodities, in economy means any product that is intended for commercial used. Generally, we refer to generic and basic products that can be understood as consumer goods.

The traditional consumer goods in economy is what we known as raw materials. In other words, they are products in which the value is given by the right that the owner has to trade them, and not by the right to use them.

Commodities are classified into some of the following groups according to their characteristics:





Meat and Derivate.

The Foreign Trade Department in Trade Commerce LTD has highly qualified professionals in Commodities and future markets to help your company to make the best business decisions.